Parent Teacher Performance Contract

Statement of Intent-Long Term Goals

K-6th Parent-Student Handbook 

7th-12th Parent-Student Handbook 

Athletics Handbook 

Academic Catalog

Library Information K-6th  

Library Information 7th-12th 

Junior High/High School Block Schedule

Junior High School Bell Schedules

High School Bell Schedules

Dress Code/Uniform Policies- Grizzly Academy Students

Absence Policy for Junior High and High School - Main Campus Classes

Transcript Request: Complete transcript request and email to Jeanie.  Allow two weeks to process.

Facebook Group:  Click the link to join Facebook.  This is a great way for our families to stay connected (encourage each other, announce field trips, buy/sell curriculum, etc.)!

Work Permit:  Print work permit and have all three sections filled out before bringing in to be issued.  Contact Karen to issue the work permit.

Boys: Upon turning 18 years old, all males must register with the Selective Service System. While this is not the draft you still must register, it is the law. By registering, you add your name to a list of all men in the nation, ages 18 through 25. The list would be used to identify men for possible military service in the case of a national emergency. Go to to register. It takes about 2 minutes to register.