What We Value

Calvary Chapel Christian School Grizzly Academy believes that the primary responsibility for teaching children was given to parents according to Deuteronomy 6.  We also believe that the most important subject matter is Jesus Christ Himself, and that the most crucial curriculum is God’s Word.  Our desire is to support and equip parents who wish to educate their children in the ways of the Lord and in the academics that will help them to flourish in this world, while maintaining and growing in a strong relationship with Jesus Christ.  We rely upon God’s Word as the standard for all support and guidance.

Grizzly Academy recognizes the important impact parents have on their children as their first teachers laying the foundation for future learning. We desire to come alongside to equip and support parents who are led of the Lord to continue to educate their own children outside of the traditional classroom. GA Parent-Teachers are able to approach students’ education with strategies that address individual learning needs. GA Students also have opportunities to pursue individual areas of interest and giftedness.

A message from our director

Welcome to Grizzly Academy (GA), the K-12 Satellite Campus of Calvary Chapel Christian School (CCCS)! My relationship with this school began in 1985 when I enrolled my 1st and 5th graders. After experiencing two previous private schools, my husband and I found something refreshingly different about CCCS Downey. This school truly put Jesus at the heart of our children’s education. In 1988 I joined the CCCS Staff as the Administrator over the Satellite Campus. Besides Directing the GA, I have taught in the Junior High, High School and at Calvary Chapel Bible College Downey. I am still here because even though CCCS strives to provide students with an excellent education, Jesus remains at the heart of their educational experience at our school. Jesus is still the Main Thing. We at CCCS care as much about the spiritual growth of the students as we do about their academic success. That’s the way it should be.