Students are enrolled in a reputable Christian school that has a private school affidavit on file with the state of California.


Official cumulative records are maintained by Calvary Chapel Christian School.

On-campus activities include 8th grade promotion, 12th grade graduation, and weekly chapels with the on-campus school. GA group activities include study trips, family nights, and GA kindergarten graduation ceremony.

Professional guidance: teaching skills, organizational skills, curriculum guidance, personal support, and parent-teacher meetings.

In-service training, seminars, and mandatory monthly meetings.

Group discount for Home School Legal Defense.

On-campus courses, sports, and P.E. for junior high and high school students, (additional fees and/or uniform purchases will apply).

Choir and band are available for upper elementary through 12th grades, (additional fees and/or uniform purchase will apply).

Missions trips and outdoor camps (for additional fees)

Opportunities for group purchasing and discounts

Opportunities to participate in district events, e.g., spelling bee, speech meet, art festival, and more.